Monday, September 13, 2010

Art on Paper & Ceramics - Deborah Bell

The Kalk Bay Modern is pleased to announce that the current exhibition, Art on Paper & Ceramics, will be extended to the 15th of September.

Featured in this intriguingly curated exhibition, are a number of new prints, a combination of etching and drypoint, by accomplished printmaker Deborah Bell. They are the result of her latest collaboration with David Krut Print Workshopin Johannesburg.

Bell's work is fundamentally informed by a personal search for the 'Self' and she often draws on spiritual imagery from a wide range of sources. Mythical figures, birds, beasts, boats and fusions of all these, populate her otherworldly spaces, whose dream-like qualities are enhanced by cycling imagery of people waking up and falling asleep.

Bell's belief that the 'Self' is discovered "through forms of intuition and intensely personal, individual experience" naturally result in a visual language that is intensely personal, while managing to reach the level of universality.
There is a review of Art on Paper and Ceramics in the 8 September edition of the Cape Times featuring an image of Deborah Bell's etching, Red Flux III (state I).
Red Flux III (state 1)

Bell has been represented by the Durban Art Gallery, the Johannesburg Art Gallery, the SA National Gallery in Cape Town, the Tatham Art Gallery in Pietermaritzburg, the University of Natal, the University of South Africa and the University of the Witwatersrand.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Art on Paper & Ceramics - Jane Eppel

The Kalk Bay Modern is pleased to be featuring, in the current Art on Paper exhibition, some of the work of Jane Eppel, an artist who celebrates beauty and depth in unexpected places. Her work described as "quiet meditations which operate on two intersecting planes that allow the fusion of seeming opposites: privacy and accessibility, the personal and the public, the mysterious and the mundane, the spiritual and the worldly" by the late Professor Neville Dubow of the University of Cape Town.
Her work explores notions of homecoming, roots/routes, and hallowed space through personal iconography, often using images of her friends and family and the scenery of Cape Town.
Eppel, a Michaelis School of Art graduate, lives and works in Cape Town. She has displayed work at the Irma Stern Museum and was selected as a finalist for the Brett Kebble Awards in 2004.
Click on the link below to view her website.
The delightful works featured in this post are from the series Let Them Lie they along with her Fairground Series from part of the Art on Paper & Ceramics Exhibition.