Thursday, November 25, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Exhibition: Point of Focus

The Kalk Bay Modern recently hosted an unusual exhibition of both pinhole and conventional photography, Point of Focus
The show featured both seasoned photographers such as Glen Green and Jenny Altschuler and novices such as Sandy Mclea and Lesley Goodman. Amongst the conventional photography are some beautiful portraits of the Himba of Namibia by Glen Green.

HIMBA WOMAN - Glen Green

As pointed out in a review by Lucinda Jolly, pinhole photography, which utilizes a combination of chemistry and uncertain childlike experimentation, has the qualities of the semi-magical science of alchemy.
The images produced, mostly landscapes with a few subtle portraits, are atmospheric, fey, transcendent.

Lesley Goodman who produced the astonishing series, Baptism says, “My intention is not to take the ‘perfect shot’, but to allow the camera the camera to surprise me with images a conventional camera could not produce.”
BAPTISM 8 - Lesley Goodman

BAPTISM 13 - Lesley Goodman

Jenny Altschuler says of her work, “[This] project...extends my current focus on mortality, the inevitable passing of time and the transience of all experiences, good and bad.” 
WE ONCE WERE HERE  - Jenny Altschuler 

Three of the pinhole cameras made and used by the photographers are on display, objects of beauty and curiosity in and of themselves.
Be sure to head down to the Kalk Bay Modern this week before part of the show comes down though a few of these beautiful pieces will have a place in the KBM for a while to come.
FIELD AND IMP - Tania Noble

Point of Focus features photography by: Dave Robertson, Sandy Mclea, Glen Green, Leanette Botha, Jenny Altschuler, Geof Kirby, Kevin Factor, Tanya Noble, Sean Foley, Betsy Lauryssen, Dawn Jones, Gavin Foley, Les Goodman and Luke Kaplan.
RISE - Sandy McLea