Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stephanie Goosen

"I love colour, lots of it and mainly in bright hues, but have been moulded by my environment in Clovelly to enjoy the more subtle shades..... I attribute this love to the possible existence of a sailor or trader, from the Mediterranean, in my family tree. I’m inspired by almost everything, but mainly the rainbow, the ocean and seaside, the African skies and of course, the people that I interact with. I believe that we need to support South African industries in order to encourage skills development and to ensure that the crafting techniques continue to be handed down from one generation to the next, be they from African, European or Asian origin."  Stephanie Goosen

Art-I-San textiles showcasing at Design Indaba Expo 2013

It's a new year and we have had a great summer season. A big thank you to all the textile and jewellery designers whose wonderful work dazzled our holiday cliental. At present we are frenetically busy compiling a detailed textile catalogue for our textiles which are now officially under the new banner of Art-I-San which aims to incorporate the Namibian San Bushmen under one umbrella body.

Art-i-San textile products use original San designs made by landless !Kung and Ju/’hoan living on resettlement farms in northern and eastern Namibia. Their ancient hunter gatherer culture remains an inspiration in their art. Omba Arts Trust ( www.omba.org.na ), Namibia supports the livelihoods of these communities through the development of craft and art. Artists and the community receive royalties on meterage.

Kalk Bay Modern is proud to be the official producer of the San textiles and textile products and we look forward to launching a new range of designs from our stand at Design Indaba at the CTICC from 28 Feb to 3 March 2013. We hope you will come and see us and be part of an amazing event that has landed South Africa the title of Design Capital for the year.
Yvette Stephen - Gallery Manager