Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sculpture and Ceramics: Opening Night

A fabulous turnout for the Sculpture and Ceramics Exhibition opening night.  Kalk Bay Modern was illuminated by the stunning buffalo and wildebeest head luminaires, including a life-size springbok by Michael Methven.  

Amongst the guests were John Bauer, Lisa Ringwood whose pieces sold out practically, Christina Bryer, Christo Giles, Wilma Cruise, Etienne de Kok, Clementina van der Walt, Simon Stone and Giovanna Biallo,  Charalombos "Harry" Kentrotas whose imaginative, used iron structures added some quirkiness to the show, and Maureen Visagie.

Christina Bryer and Christo Giles
Ann Donald and Cheryl Rumbak

Clementina van der Walt

Giovanna Biallo and Simon Stone

John Bauer and Lisa Ringwood

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sculpture and Ceramics Exhibition: More Artists

Ceramics, with it's contradictory nature, reflects something human back to us.  Simultaneously resilient, formed and strong, also vulnerable, uncertain and receptive.  The featured ceramic artists in this exhibition capture the beauty, essence and diversity of clay whether in a functional form or purely as ascetic sculpture. And not just clay either.  Bronze, wood, wire and paper.

Tania Babb captures fleeting personal moments in her sensual sculptures, John Bauer with his unique porcelain plaques which bare witness to the magic that can emerge from introducing textural elements such as lace, coins and woodblocks.  Lisa Firer graces us with her beautifully embellished, layered porcelain vessels with Cape Fynbos motifs.  Giovanna Biallo's sculptures with their classical forms are colourfully playful, including Hennie Meyer's distinct earthenware vessels with their subtle curves and hints of colour.  Sandy Godwin will exhibit her light, lace inspired clay creations and Diane Harper will show her  decoratively painted and embossed plates.

Well-known foundryman Etienne de Kok will feature a few of his bronze castings, including an "moveable maquette for a moving fountain" and Friday Jibu from Bronze Age Foundry will be exhibiting a selection of incredible carved wooden skulls.  To name a few more this post.  

To view more fabulous ceramic and sculptural artworks come join us on Wednesday 4th July at 6pm for an exciting evening at Kalk Bay Modern.

Diane Harper

Giovanna Biallo

Hennie Meyer

Friday Jibu

Lisa Firer

Sandy Godwin

Sandy Godwin

Tania Babb