Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sculpture and Ceramics: Opening Night

A fabulous turnout for the Sculpture and Ceramics Exhibition opening night.  Kalk Bay Modern was illuminated by the stunning buffalo and wildebeest head luminaires, including a life-size springbok by Michael Methven.  

Amongst the guests were John Bauer, Lisa Ringwood whose pieces sold out practically, Christina Bryer, Christo Giles, Wilma Cruise, Etienne de Kok, Clementina van der Walt, Simon Stone and Giovanna Biallo,  Charalombos "Harry" Kentrotas whose imaginative, used iron structures added some quirkiness to the show, and Maureen Visagie.

Christina Bryer and Christo Giles
Ann Donald and Cheryl Rumbak

Clementina van der Walt

Giovanna Biallo and Simon Stone

John Bauer and Lisa Ringwood

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