Friday, July 29, 2011

Sculpture & Ceramics Exhibition

From 15 June to 15 July, Kalk Bay Modern hosted an exciting exhibition of sculpture and ceramics by local and national artists. Some of the featured artists include Wilma Cruise with her bronze sculpture of a rider atop a horse along with some of her "woodfired" babies. Local sculptor, Etienne de Kok's wonderful moving sculptures were also captivating as they swung rhythmically back and forth. A ceramic figure installation by Leora Lewis, porcelain face portraits by Clementina van der Walt and paper clay panels by Diane Harper added to the exciting, eclectic mix of the show. Other artist also on show include, sculptures by Harry Kentrotas, Nic Bladen and Gail Catlin with beautiful ceramic pieces by John Bauer, Christo Giles, Tania Babb, Henny Meyer, John Newdigate, Carol Hayward Fell, Lisa Firer, Tessa Gawith, Gene Swanepoel, Maureen Visage, My China and lighting and furniture by the Indulo Project.