Friday, August 31, 2012

Upcoming Photographic exhibition: Jurgen Schadeberg and Andrew Barker - 12 Sept 2012

The 1st exhibition for The Month of Photography (MOP) in Cape Town this year will be at Kalk Bay Modern.  We will be exhibiting works by Jurgen Schadeberg and Andrew Barker.  The show will open on Wednesday 12th September at 6pm and run till 6th October.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Ernest Mancoba Education Poster Project

Kalk Bay Modern is pleased to inform you about this upcoming exhibition walkabout with artist Lionel Davis and curator Bridget Thompson at Iziko South African National Gallery Annex.  The Ernest Mancoba Education Poster Project recorded a series of workshops which have been photographed by Somali film-maker and photographer Abdulkadir Ahmed Said and will be on display.

Artists and friends, Peter Clarke and Lionel Davis have contributed much their local communities and Kalk Bay Modern features work by both artists.

The exhibition will open on Monday 27th August at 3pm and run till 30th September, at the Iziko South African National Gallery Annex, St. Johns Rd, Cape Town.

"Art is not just to give pleasure to the eyes and the senses but to give courage for the continuation of our community."  Ernest Mancoba

Friday, August 17, 2012

Barok Bowling Bags - What Fun!

We supply Barok's funky Bowling bags by Merle Payne.  Check out her website for a super unique selection of bags, accessories, clothing and other decorative artworks.

Barok Bowling Bag - "Easy As 123"

Barok Bowling Bag - "Heraldry"
Barok Bowling Bag - "100% Local"

More Ceramics!

The Sculpture and Ceramic exhibition received much positive attention and many works have been sold.  Some we were sad to see go since their aesthetic presence delighted us so!  However there have been some new additions to the selection both by present artists and some new ones too, like Gemma Orkin, Lisa Ringwood, Rebecca Townsend and introducing Heather Mills and Veronique De Vries.  Enjoy the browse!

Gemma Orkin
Gemma Orkin

Gemma Orkin

Gemma Orkin

Heather Mills

Heather Mills
Lisa Ringwood       
Lisa Ringwood - Bird platter detail

Lisa Ringwood

Rebecca Townsend

Veronique De Vries