Monday, October 5, 2009

More on Upcoming Exhibition - Paul Weinberg

Picking up a Paul Weinberg book of photography or just browsing through his  website is a visual treat.                            

He finds beauty in the ordinary. Things that you and I would brush past without a thought, are captured in the most sensitive and dignified way.
A hand aged by time or the open, smiling face of a child – these are images that stare back at you. They are images you cannot ignore and they evoke within you questions that you would rather avoid.

This particular exhibition at the KBModern is one NOT to be missed. I am eager to view one of Weinberg’s photos first hand – one that has not been watered-down by printer’s ink or pixelated by the glare of my computer screen.

The opening speech at the exhibition will be done by well-known journalist, Max du Preez of “Special Assignment” fame. In addition to this, there will also be a performance by Roger Lucey, which will be done to a film projection of images on one of the gallery walls.

The exhibition promises to be an evening of cultural excellence. A feast of beautiful visual imagery and sumptuous dialogue.
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