Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Broken Arrow Contributors

The Broken Arrow exhibition (which runs until 31March) has been contributed to by many different organisations and project groups. The oft-mentioned Omba Arts Trust is a Namibian NGO whose aim is to help alleviate poverty by creating jobs in the craft sector. They support many arts and craft projects of which the Ekoka project – a textile range created by KBM director Cheryl Rumbak using the designs of the Ekoka San – is one.
(Click on the link below for redirection to the Omba Arts Trust homepage)

Also falling under the Omba umbrella are the Art-i-San products, made by re-settled San communities now living on farms in eastern Namibia. The Donkerbos/Sonneblom farm is the home of Art-i-San, and their beautiful handmade ostrich eggshell and wire jewellery is currently on display as part of the Broken Arrow exhibition. Each bead in this exquisite jewellery is handmade and the income generated from the Art-i-San project is of vital importance to this community.

(Click on the link below to view an article in the Namibian Economist on a successful Art-i-San exhibition)
Also created in the Art-i-San project, and on display in Broken Arrow, are the wire and wooden animals and beaded art cloths I have mentioned. The animals are both by Benny Martin and the beaded cloth is by Bettie Britz.

A large wall in the KBM (features below) is devoted to a stunning installation of linocut art prints, a series of “tubers” (veldt food) by San artist from Donkerblom Farm. We will have a closer look at the individual images at a later stage.

It is heartening to know that the fantastic work being done by the Omba Arts Trust is not up to them alone. KURU Development Trust from Botwana provided the oil paintings on canvas and reduction linocuts for the Exhibition.
“Kuru” is a Naro word meaning “ Do” or ‘Create’, chosen by the founders of the organisation as an appropriate word for the self-development projects initiated for the marginalised San peoples of Botswana. [Click on the link below to view their homepage]

SASI – the South African San Institute – is another admirable, independent NGO who upliftment efforts are primarily focussed on the San peoples of South Africa.
Their Vision: “To support the San peoples to grow and develop to the extent to which they can take permanent control over their lives, resources and destiny and harness with pride their unique heritage.

They in turn work in partnership with the Kuru Family of Organisations-KFO and the Working Group of Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa-WIMSA, and other San organisations. (Click on the link below to visit their homepage)

The Kalk Bay Modern would like to thank the Omba Arts Trust, The Kuru Development Trust and SASI for their contribution.

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