Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nicolaas Maritz: 'Cape Lizardgy'

In Kalk Bay Modern’s current exhibition by Nicolaas Maritz, Mermaids and Mountains, we see examples of the artist’s three painting ‘themes’, namely those of mermaids, mountains and flowers.

Featured in this blog are some of the smaller and more intimate series of ‘Cape Lizardgy’ paintings -  playful foreground lizard shapes encircle the vision of  Table Mountain in the distance. Like good omens, these guarding reptilian presences act as auspicious cryptographic symbols of permanent and prevailing life; representing pre-historic, contemporary, and future existence on these southern mountains, as opposed to the quick ‘shutter snap’ encounter; the fleeting ‘few-second moment’ engagement of the passing tourist-consumer.

Make sure you schedule in a visit to the Kalk Bay Modern before the 25 July when this intriguing exhibition closes.

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