Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Willemien de Villiers

Willemien de Villiers

In February, we hosted Seedbed New Paintings by Willemien de Villiers. Williemen's delicate organic oil paintings were displayed with her exotic plants whose flowers, roots and bulbs were her inspiration for some of the paintings. Perhaps the best description is found in the words by the opening speaker, Gabeba Baderoon, "The paintings evoke the past, and also a space of interiority within the canvas themselves... In the paintings Willemien appears to listen to objects speaking - there is a sculptural quality to the relation of the objects in the paintings.  The arrangement and posture of bodies in relation to one another are evocative and delicately observed."

Artist, Willemien de Villiers, pictured with three of her pieces
Single Chamber, 800 x 800, oil on canvas

Arrangement of Parts, 800 x 800, oil on canvas

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