Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nicolaas Maritz - Lucky Packet Exhibition No.2

Karoo Lizard Licking a Cloud, 2011 for Invite
Kalk Bay Modern is excited to host our first exhibition for 2012 of recent paintings by South African artist Nicolaas Maritz. In contrast to most modern art exhibitions nowadays which seem to be centred around single themes or issues, this show is an incidental selection of works with divergent subject matter, and is playfully titled ‘Lucky Packet Exhibition No.2’.

Known for his quirky landscapes and spirited still life paintings, this exhibition offers recent enamel on board works as well as a few works on glass, with a new and more urgent intensity.

Orange Grail Vase with Chair, 2011. Enamel paint on board.
The main body of work consists of a group of contemplative landscape images, roughly titled ‘Grail Vase Views’. With these quiet and almost subdued paintings, the artist may be suggesting a fresh and deeper search for meaning within his painting practice.

Greystokes, 2012. Enamel on board.

Likkewaanbult, 2012. Enamel on board

Blue Crane's Hoop, 2012. Enamel on board
Also featured will be a number of thought provoking new Farmscapes. With titles like ‘Blue Crane’s Hoop (Hope)’, ‘Likkewaanbult’ (Lizzard Hill) and ‘Greystokes’, according to Nicolaas these vibrant works are wry visual accounts of the increasing ambivalence of the contemporary landed privilege.

The April Issue of House & Liesure has also done a feature on Nicolaas at his house and comment on his prolific collection of wonderfully distinctive and compelling work. A work by Nicolaas Maritz is a must for every serious collector of South African art.

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