Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Art on Paper IV: Andrezj Nowicki, Diane Victor and Andrew Lord

Andrezj Nowicki:
Nowicki creates strange and sometimes disturbing landscapes in which the past and the present appear to exist simultaneously by putting a new spin on comic book imagery. He claims to have been quite a solitary child who was always immersed in some tale of adventure – usually of a comic-book nature – and believes that his work is still heavily influenced by the images he consumed at that time.
Often the comic-books of his youth were in a language he was not able to read, but rather than becoming frustrated, Nowicki simply made up his own stories appropriate to the pictures – something that, to a large extent, he still does in his art practice today. Nowicki takes viewers on an artistic journey of exploration into the fantastical spaces of memory and imagination. Characteristic bluesy compositions feature singular figures in strange, indeterminate places and reveal open-ended narratives containing multiple interpretations; each one dependent on individual viewer experience.

Blue Snake Woman, Print by Andrezj Nowicki
The Beams, Print by Andrezj Nowicki
Converging the Quiet, Print by Andrezj Nowicki

Diane Victor:
Diane Victor is an artist of uncompromising directness but with a strange quietness in her nature who tackles pressing issues - personal and social violence to racial anxiety, corruption, gender inequality, economic exploitation and social commentary - in the new contemporary South African landscape post-apartheid.  
Victor is known for her provocative images which tends to get interpreted in the wrong way or evoke anger in the viewer. But Victor states that she wants her works to entice people out of their comfort zones and make them think about the things that upset them.
Victor's images are densely layered with meaning and metaphor with ironic and satirical undertones. Looking beyond the intense emotive qualities of Victor's work, what remains a constant is the capacity of her style. Whether rendering her subjects in charcoal, or undertaking conceptually challenging embossings, Victor shows an accomplished skill and a meticulous sense for detail. She researches her ideas thoroughly and is able to communicate and express the emotional value of her works. 
Safe as Horses, Print by Diane Victor
Miss September, Print by Diane Victor
The Lion Who Loved the Lady, Print by Diane Victor

Andrew Lord:

A Cape Town-based artist, Lord's work deals primarily with subjects concerning evolution, taxonomy and empiricism.  New knowledge increasingly places humans further and further from the centre stage. Using a variety of media, he explores the ways in which we deal with our demotion from starring role to bit player.
Haemoglobin I, Rust on paper by Andrew Lord

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