Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Opening Night - Art on Paper IV

In this exhibition Kalk Bay Modern brings together some of the best of South Africa’s talent in the print making arena. Print making is enjoying a wide resurgence as artists and collectors enjoy the accessible medium in terms of production and pricing. The accessibility of print making has allowed artists to easily produce work through either established Print Studios such as David Krut, The Artists Press and Tim Foulds, or even from their own working-home studios such as Judy Woodborne and Jane Eppel.

This show is a collection comprising all varieties of printmaking as well as traditional drawing and painting on paper. There is the fine tongue in cheek etchings of Claire Gavronsky which are contrasted with the frenetic energy of David Koloanes Township and city scenes. Walter Oltmann, Claudette Schreuders and Sam Nhlengethwa reveal detailed colour lithographs in contrast to Andrew Lords “Haemoglobin” rust marks on paper and Arlene Amaler-Raviv’s mixed media on ‘media’ billboards. This is show talks about the fragility of life, from cells to skulls to life’s delicate and darker elements from faces to traces of flowers.

Andrew Lord in front of his Haemoglobin I & II prints (left).
 Haemoglobin I & II (left) by Andrew Lord, and Eternity (top right) and Chimera (bottom right) by Deborah Bell
Sam Nhlengethwa prints from his Goat Series
Africa Reinvented (Large, top, Medium, bottom) by Keri Muller
Yvette Stephen (KBM manager) delivering the exhibtion's opening speech

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