Thursday, April 11, 2013

Art on Paper IV: David Koloane, Colbert Mashile and Claudette Shreuders

Works by David Koloane, Colbert Mashile and Claudette Shreuders will all be showcased next week.

David Koloane:
David Koloane's creative activities have been diverse. He has always combined his own artwork with his social involvement. He says: "My concern in socio-political matters and contributions to the furtherance of disadvantaged black South African artists during and after the apartheid era is evident. My work can be said to reflect the socio-political landscape of South Africa both past and present. The socio political conditions created by the apartheid system of government have to a large extent transfixed the human condition as the axis around which my work evolves. The human figure has become the icon of creative expression".

City Traffic I by David Koloane

Facade by David Koloane

Township Dogs by David Koloane

Colbert Mashile:
Colbert Mashile explores the psychological impact of traditional circumcision and initiation rituals on initiates. He also explores the often-problematic narratives of collective cultural determinants within these communities. As Colbert Mashile has matured, the psychological underpinnings are still evident, but his imagery has transgressed these limitations to begin addressing issues such as home, language and the natural landscape.
This artist has an uncanny ability to "tune into" universal psychological archetypes in his work. These images are completely based in his African identity and yet they link up with the universal. His horned figures that loom over men, coffin-like vehicles and vast landscapes fill his prints. Mashile's fine sense of colour compliments his forms, which seem to celebrate a connection to the earth. 
Satani Tshaba Tseleng by Colbert Mashile
Tsongoana by Colbert Mashile

Claudette Schreuders:
 Schreuders has worked in a variety of artistic media. She is best known for her sculpture, She has been associated with Bitter Comix since its inception and is familiar with comics as an art form. She is also well known as a sculptor. Besides her sculpture, Schreuders creates line drawings in sketchbooks. Hardground etching was therefore a very direct process for her to use with Payne.
Schreuders describes herself as something of a perfectionist, working slowly and indulging in her labour-intensive process, which she sees is quite revelatory in terms of understanding one’s intentions and desires.
Anna by Claudette Shreuders

Abba by Claudette Shreuders

Two Hands by Claudette Shreuders

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